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An ATW student says thanks

When the students we support graduate from the R35 school they often end up working for low wages in whatever job they can find. Recently, however, we've seen more students wishing to enter university or a training college. This is excellent as it will lead to better employment and a chance to rise above the cycle of poverty. Here is one such story.



Dear After The Wave foundation and sponsors,

My name is Tanongsak Timpo, nick name “Toe” and thanks to the generosity and kindness of After The Wave foundation, I was able to graduate from Prince of Songkla University and obtain my dream job as an engineer. 


After The Wave provides funds to students to help pay for their living expenses while they study. Typically, students require from 3,000 - 5,000 baht per month.


The main costs of university/college (tuition, books, housing) are provided through Thai government loans and programs. The funds we provide help cover the other expenses (food, transportation, incidental school fees).



In order to qualify for the scholarship the student has to show need, but also a keen interest in learning and preparing themselves for a productive future.


Many of the kids with scholarships were previously supported with DAILY NEEDS through After The Wave. The student has to provide us with receipts and transcripts, as well as proof of attendance. The principal of the high school signs-off on the scholarship. Thus, we're confident the kids we help will follow through.


In the end, they are getting a chance to raise themselves up and also help out their families.



When you donate to ATW, you can decide to have your money used just for scholarships, or towards the daily needs of the children who have yet to graduate.

I have written this letter to try and express my infinite gratitude and appreciation for all that After The Wave has done for me and allowed me to achieve. 



Following graduation from Rajaprajanugroh school 35, in Phang Nga I was accepted to study engineering at Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai campus. I was very thrilled but also unsure that I’d be able to attend the university because my family and I could not afford the high tuition and dues. Reaching out to the After The Wave foundation, I inquired to see if they would have any scholarships for students such as myself that want to go to university however are not financially able to. It seemed my prayers were answered. 


After The Wave’s scholarship helped me afford books, other necessary school supplies and day to day necessities (like food), all of which I would not have been able to graduate without.


I cannot begin to express how deeply grateful I am for this  scholarship and all that After The Wave has done for me. No  words describe my appreciation. After The Wave helped me  accomplish my dreams, which I thought would always stay dreams and never be possible. 



Following graduation I am working as position production engineer for a factory in Saraburi, a province near Bangkok. It is not only an esteemed and great position, but a job I always dreamed of. I never thought that I would be able to  accomplish this due to my and my family’s economic barriers, so I deeply thank you for helping me break down those barriers. I want to thank you more, but again feel like even words cannot describe how grateful I am. I would not be where I am without your help. 


Scholarships such as that I was granted gives students like myself hope and opportunities that they could never afford on their own. 



I will never forget what After The Wave has done for me. It is my hope and promise that I will give back to the program and help future disadvantaged students like myself accomplish their dreams or higher education and a better life.



Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Tanongsak Timpo



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