After The Wave provides funds to students to help pay for their living expenses while they study. Typically, students require from 3,000 - 5,000 baht per month. The main costs of university/college (tuition, books, housing) are provided through Thai government loans and programs. The funds we provide help cover the other expenses (food, transportation, incidental school fees).

Full Scholarship

  • In order to qualify for the scholarship the student has to show need, but also a keen interest in learning and preparing themselves for a productive future. Many of the kids with scholarships were previously "sponsored" as
    well. They have to provide us with receipts and transcripts, as well as proof of attendance. The principal of the R35 school signs-off on the scholarship. Thus, we're confident the kids we help will follow through. In the end, they are getting a chance to raise themselves up and also help out their families.
After The Wave Foundation