ATTENDING: University of Songhkla Na Kalin


MAJOR: Science & Mathematics


GRADUATION: March, 2021


FROM: Takuapa, Phang Na, Thailand



Praew attended the Takua Pa school in Phang Na province and excelled in her studies there. She expressed an interest in science and math, but knew she needed help with the costs of attending university. After passing the entrance exams, Praew's teachers approached After the Wave to see about financial support. Praew's family's income is unstable, dependent on whatever work her family members can find. There is a large amount of family debt. Praew receives about 3,500 baht per month from After The Wave to help pay for her room & board, books, and food. As with all our scholarship students, government programs cover tuition costs, and Praew also works part time to supplement the 3,500 baht she receives.

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