After The Wave Donation Options

Help out by providing a child with the day-to-day needs of school for one year.

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Alternatively, you can transfer directly to the ATW account:

TMB Bank Public Co. Ltd.

Account name: After The Wave Foundation, Thailand

Account Number: 235-2-21827-1


After The Wave Donation Options

Sponsor a student with the costs of attending university/college.

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After The Wave cannot continue without donations. Donations are used in different ways to support the children ages 4 - 17.


(1) DAILY NEEDS: books, school uniforms, shoes, clothing items, eye glasses, soap and toiletries (most students live at school), dental care, medicines, etc.  Typically the costs for this are 8,000 baht per year.

(2) SCHOLARSHIPS to help with college/university costs. 


(3) NON-SPECIFIC DONATION - to help with general expenses of the foundation and other projects that arise  (5,000 Baht).


* $1 USD = 30 Thai Baht (approx).

* 8000 baht = $265 USD (approx).

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