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How do you decide which students get scholarships?

We work closely with school staff to identify students in need. The teachers are also community members and will know the details about the student's family situation.  Also, we look for students who have the desire and drive to push themselves academically.  We select students whom will see their education through to the end and will be successful, but if not for ATW would not be able to attend.




What guarantees do I have that my donation is helping?

Each semester the scholarship students have to send us their attendance details and transcript as evidence of achievement. When students graduate we follow up on their success. We've had students enter into professional careers in medicine, engineering, education, and others. Read a "thank you" letter from one of our scholarship recipients.



Can I select a student to sponsor?

Our scholarship students are listed on the scholarship page, simply read over the profles listed (more are being added all the time). When you select your donation amount, type in the name of the student you'd like to support. If you are donating to the DAILY NEEDS fund it is too difficult for us to match you one-to-one with a child and share details. ATW is committed to a very low overhead, which means we do not have the staffing to do this work.



What details will I receive about the scholarship student I support?

When you sign up as a sponsor, we’ll send you an introduction to the child with a photo and a short life history. You’ll receive updates every six months with school reports when available, photos and details about the child, and their family and community.



What details will I receive about my daily needs donation?

For donations to the daily needs fund, you will receive photos and stories of the children who benefitted. These are sent out twice per school year, shortly after the beginning of each semester.



Is After The Wave audited? How can I trust you?

All our financial transactions are 100% transparent. We are a small organisation and we follow all donations every step of the way. This is backed up by a very clear accounting and auditing process that meets the stringent requirments and standards for not-for-profit organisations in Thailand. You can read our annual financial reports, which detail exactly where our funds go, and we are always more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have. Our directors and the experts who work on our programs give their time for free. This means donations go exactly where they’re meant to – to the kids and the needs they have, such as medical care, tuition, school books, food, clothing,  etc.



How much of my donation goes directly to helping students?

We are committed to a very low overhead. We have no employees and all the work is done by volunteers, and this includes our Board.  Thus we are able to spend 90% of your donation on students, with the remaining 10% used for shipping costs, promotion and media, insurance, and other necessary business expenses such as an annual audit.




Can I visit the child or children I am supporting?

Yes, this is possible. However, for child safety concerns we do require background screening to be completed, which includes police checks with the Royal Thai Police, and also from your home country. All visits are supervised by After The Wave. If you wish to visit, please notify us at least six months in advance.



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