>Enriching communities through education and service.
A core belief underlying our mission is through education we help to empower and enable people to acquire a career and income which will break the cycle of poverty.



After The Wave is a Thailand based non-profit foundation (Registration No. Nor. Bor. 172), established after the 2004 tsunami, by students, teachers and associates at the International School Bangkok. Our mission is to assist children and their families with the basic needs and expenses of school. Our initial focus was on the Phang-na and other regions of Southern Thailand, in areas affected by the 2004 tsunami, and we've since expanded to other regions of Thailand. ATW is run by a network of education professionals, volunteers, alumni, and community leaders.

We support children and families where, for example:

  • one or both parents have been lost

  • children and families are forced to relocate due to violence or instability

  • children are not able to have the basic necessities for school

  • scholarships are needed for further study

  • there are special circumstances requiring support, including medical needs




After The Wave is accountable to its members, sponsors, and the children we support. Our annual meeting is the key event by which we examine our vision statement in light of the actions taken over the course of the year, including how funds were spent in support of the organization. Though a small percentage of all donations may be used to offset operational expenses, we minimize this and apply less than 10% of donations to cover costs. Our finances are independently audited on an annual basis. To request a copy of the auditor's financial report please contact us.

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After The Wave began in 2004 at the R-35 school, located in the village of Bang Sak, in the province of Phang Na, about 100 km north of Phuket. The school was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. The buildings were destroyed, a number of children and parents died, and many more were left homeless. Rescuing the school and community became a massive endeavor. The International School Bangkok community raised funds and helped rebuild the school to create a learning environment well beyond the one that previously existed. At the same time, faculty and other associates recognized the need for long-term continuous support of the students. To this aim, ATW was founded in 2005, and is currently maintained and run by a board of directors and key volunteers.




Current Status and growth into 2018


Our mission - Enriching communities through education and service in Thailand - shows our mandate is the same, to support students with their needs for school. Our belief is to empower and enable people to acquire a career and income which will break the cycle of poverty.

When ATW began it was to support the children impacted by the 2004 tsunami. It is now 13 years later. These children have grown up, and with ATW's support, many have graduated or are currently attending college/university.

The next wave of need includes scholarships and daily support for school, but also wider community needs, which is often a limiting factor for children's education as well. Needs such as decent housing, proper sanitation, and treatment for medical/dental problems.

As well, we incorporate the service learning idea. By being directly involved with and helping others, we all learn and grow. A new understanding emerges that is enriching and meaningful to everyone involved.



After The Wave Foundation